Zimbabwe Solar and Reforestation Project

About 8 years ago I met Obry (Obedience Kanyenze) in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was creating a monumental sculpture for a castle and he was my lead artisan in the steel workshop. We became friends and, after seeing the political and economic hardships he was living under, I decided to find a way to help him and his family and their village in Zimbabwe. He told me that the women of his village walk five miles daily to collect firewood to cook their meals - and the smoke from cooking like this every day affects their lungs and many die early. At the same time, their forests are being destroyed at an alarming pace. The solutions are simple: Solar ovens can be used almost every day in Africa. There are slow cookers and fast cookers. Obry made his first prototype and his wife and her friends are cooking with it. He will be building more of them to sell and will create a sustainable business for himself and his village. He is also starting to plant seeds from the trees that are still standing and his wife will water them every day. The children will work with him to replant the seedlings and regrow their forests. They are learning to be Volunteer Ministers - people who have knowledge of how to help each other, care for children, study, save marriages, help people get off drugs, and organizational skills to effectively resolve life’s problems. We decided to do something about it! Please join us in this amazing adventure!:)